Super Kids Program

Life Changing Training Program

What is Super Kids Program ?

Its a behavioral modification training program which aims to develop stunning abilities of the participant along with intellectual powers diverted toward positive thinking and elimination of fear.

Super Kid "A Vision"

The Super Kid is a character which describes the meaning of life and motivates others to be versatile in world.

Super Kid describes the ethical and moral values following the narrations of our national poet Allama Iqbal

A Super Kid is a “Sign of Respect” towards the children, who are deprived of their basic rights. The Super Kid gives the lesson of morality and rights to the world.

It also spreads the lesson of strong believe and utilizing others in order to take correct decision at any stage.

A Super Kid intends to work for the  and to lead it with hopefulness in order to make our Pakistan bright and highlighted in world

A Super Kid gives a message of peace and intends to remove immorality and disrespect. It indicates a path of bright future to others.

Learning Stages

Step 1

The Fundamental Training consist Six Months Duration


Step 2

Extensive Field Counseling

IQ Tests

Step 3

1.5 Years Training on selected line of interest 

What we improve in 2 Years Training Program

1. Confidence Building
2. Art of Dressing
3. Developing Self Esteem
4. Art of Sitting, Standing & Walking
5. Dealing with peer pressure
6. Understanding Body Language
7. Table Manners
8. Dining Manners
9. Sharing & Offerings
10. Team Building

11. Art of making and retaining friends
12. Self-management
13. Time Management
14. Public Speaking Level 1
15. Presentation Skills
16. Group Discussion
17. How to be a leader?
18. Anger management
19. Improving English speaking and pronunciation skills
20. Attitude Management

21. Overcoming Nervousness
22. Understanding realistic and unrealistic goals
23. Overcoming Exam anxiety
24. Dealing with stress
25. Dealing with panic situations
26. Dealing with lies
27. Tact and Diplomacy
28. Art of Small Talk
29. Perfect Hairstyle to suit your face
30. Developing a Style

Why Superkid ?

The training process will inculcate the leadership abilities in the child, he will perform like a linguistic pious and become formal, will be a logical thinker to understand things and environment in quantifiable terms. 

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