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Performance and Personality Development P2 D

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Personality and Performance have always been the top most priority, the most important and essential ingredients of education system. In order to take the kids to a higher and more reliable level of learning it is utmost for the kids to know the learning methodologies and learning modes. P2 D offers a comprehensive course of learning where the kids are provided with environment and strategies that make them eligible to not only learn but also explore and discover unique and versatile ways of learning which they can use to make knowledge learned, understood and delivered in an interactive way. The 360 Approach of learning embodies a wide range of topics, lectures, practice sessions, practical demonstrations, moods of making a knowledge delivered backed by intellectual approach of critically observing, analytically thinking and creatively delivering. The kids are not only provided with theoretical topics but are also given practice sessions of exploring new avenues by acquainting them with positive and productive use of internet and technology that is the most important need of the time.

The course details are as follows:

  1. Language Expertise: The students are provided with a comprehensive practice of communication skills and presentation skills that help them get a grip over communicating with versatility. Correct usage of vocabulary, Proper accent and correct grammar are the ingredients of a soft communication. The class aims at making the students eligible to collect data, align ideas, design outlines, practice speech, deliver the ideas and face questions guided by Pronunciation Practice, usage of proper accent, Intonation, Stresses and rhythm. Special Focus on the following Languages are taken into consideration:
    1. Urdu
    2. English

Both the languages are practiced using practical activities that include but are not limited to:

  1. Presentations
  2. Speeches
  3. Debates
  4. Group Discussions
  5. Roleplays
  6. Dialogues


  1. Receptive and Descriptive Skills: Learning depends upon four important modules that includes Listening and Reading i.e Receptive skill and Writing and Speaking i.e Descriptive skills. The common problem that the students face during learning is that they cannot decode what is being learned and cannot communicate what ideas they generate. This problem occurs when the students are not made familiar with tips and techniques of learning, understanding and delivering the concepts with a proper method. This class provides students with thorough practices of listening, reading, writing and speaking concepts that make them eligible to boost their learning to maximum. Special focus on increasing the capabilities of Receptive skills and Descriptive skills are included so that learning may become easy and self-oriented.

The Course Includes the following Curriculum that is timely updated and Revised.

  1. Listening through audio and video aids
  2. Reading with Skimming, Scanning and Conceptual Techniques
  3. Writing with Academic, Critical, formal and informal techniques with special focus on Grammar
  4. Speaking with usage of professional, academic, Multimedia and Extempore


  1. Personality Grooming:

In order to live a life that matters, it is imperative for the students to know their qualities and hidden capabilities. This class provides students with better understanding of their personality types and roles. Special lectures and Workshops are organized to acquaint students with the details of Attitude, Behavior, Nature and Psychological norms that help students know themselves and their-selves. Living a better life is the right of everyone, which may not be made possible unless one understands his personality i.e his strengths and weaknesses. The level of intelligence and wisdom is judged when a person himself is able to know the drawbacks of his disposition and is able to convert them into strengths. The journey of Personality Grooming travels from outside to inside and then inside to outside. Such a journey cannot be successfully made unless proper supervision and guidance is provided. Students in this class are provided with fundamentals of Personality Development and Character Building. The lectures include but are not limited to

  1. Confidence Boosting
  2. Personality Traits – Understanding and Implementing
  3. Public Speaking
  4. Stage and Camera Fear
  5. Dressing Ethics
  6. Meeting Ethics


  1. Conceptual Learning

Conceptual topics related to general life and self-help are collected that are discussed with the students to help them understand the reality of life. These topics encourage students collect ideas and concept related to everyday happening around them that ultimately helps them become a prominent figure of society. These topics are related to:

  1. Motivation
  2. Life Skills


  1. Creativity and Innovation

Thinking out of the box is the quality of very few people, those who master it become exceptionally great. This quality makes the students become proactive and innovative who have a different eye of seeing things. Creative minds are optimistic beings who take positivity out of negativity and make something productive out of a problem. In order to make students creative minded the students are provided with activities that help them generate new ideas out of the given data. The curriculum of this class includes

  1. Arts and Design
  2. Debates
  3. General Discussions


  1. Thinking Abilities

This class provides students improve their thinking abilities by providing students means and ways to solve problems. The lectures of this class are designed to make students find out the problems and propose solutions to them. The curriculum and activities of the class are designed including case studies, research questions, day-today problems and general life troubles that need proper, permanent and adequate solutions.  Creative Techniques and Productive tips are shared with the students so that they become self-sufficient of finding the problems out and propose creative solutions to it.

  1. E-Hunting and Learning:

Importance of Information and Communication technology cannot be undermined at any cost. Students of this era need to be taught the positive usage of computer. Improvement of performance without learning positive usage of computer, applications and internet is not possible and feasible. The curriculum of this class includes but are not limited to:

  1. System software
  2. Application software
  3. Internet and Websites
  4. Blogging and Blogs
  5. Browsing and Searching
  6. Market places and Online learning and Shopping

P2 D is a range of activities, lectures, seminars, workshops and discussions that aim at improvement of your personality as a whole. All the above-mentioned Topics are organized around interactive sessions where lecturers share their personnel life experiences and learning. These are not different classes for which students have to enroll separately but a power pact pack that involves all the above-mentioned details. The participants participating in the classes above are taught, trained, evaluated and given an encouragement to Learn, Grow and Lead.

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