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Established in 2005, Ummah children Academy is now known as one of the best organizations in KPK, that is providing a range of facilities to more than 700 orphans that includes Food, Cloth, shelter, financial assistance, Medical check-up and Education.  Apart from all these facilities the children keep receiving regular guidance, supervision and counselling from the members of UCA.


The Chairman of Ummah Children Academy, Molana Muhammad Idrees titled Hammad Safi, with Honorary Directorship of Ummah Children academy to shoulder the responsibility of orphans and let people know that why is it important to take care of this part of society as well. Hammad is now among the Board of Directors and is working on the academic and behavioural improvement of the kids. Hammad Safi, while receiving the title, said that, “Ummah Children Academy is one the best organisations of its own sort. Their management and way of working for the well being of society by empowering and educating orphans is unique. It has impressed me so much that I would consider it an honour to be able to work for such a great cause”.


Ummah children academy is actively working on educating and empowering the orphans. Their vision is to spread a network of such institutions all over Pakistan so that maximum number of orphans, who cannot have access to education and other basic needs of life, can be benefitted to maximum.


So far, the students of this privileged institution have shown phenomenal performance in annual board examinations, majority of these students have secured A+ grades and are studying in leading Medical, Engineering and other Universities of Peshawar.


Getting basic needs of life is the right of everyone but there are orphans, who cannot afford to get to these needs and hence remain deprived of it. An uneducated nation who doesn’t have any skill may harm the society if not dealt properly. Ummah Children Academy is striving for possible means that can generate resources so that these less lucky kids can afford to have a safe future. Family counselling sessions, Workshop Seminars, Awareness campaigns are organised in different parts of the country where Hammad Safi speaks about these kids and the facilities they are receiving here. People around the country can help us make these basic needs available to not only orphans but also poor families.


Ummah Children Academy

Contact # +92-923-633235

Address: GT Road Soria Khel, Nowshera Cantonment, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

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Hammad Safi

Executive Director


Children at the UCA are provided with a high-quality education, regular medical check-ups, three meals and supplementary snacks each day; made-to-measure clothing; and support for their families/guardians. Outside of school hours, children receive constant supervision from staff and social workers.

ہم نے اس ادارے سے وابستہ علما دین کی ان یتیم بچوں کے لئے قربانیاں دیکھ کر انکا انتخاب کیا. انکو جہاں سے جو کچھ بھی ملتا ہے پورا کا پورا ان یتیم بچوں پر خرچ کر دیتے ہیں یعنی یہ ادارہ سو فیصد ڈونیشن پالیسی پر چل رہی ہیں. اس ادارے کے چیئرمین مولانا ادریس صاحب نے تو اپنا سب کچھ قربان کیا ہوا ہے… اتنے سارے نیک لوگوں کی قربانیاں دیکھ کر میں بھی اس کار خیر میں انکے ساتھ کھڑا ہوا, مجھے مولانا صاحب نے ان بچوں کی تعلیم و تربیت کے حوالے سے ڈاریکٹر ایجوکیشن کا عھدہ دیا جو کہ میرے لئے بہت بڑے اعزاز کی بات ہے ..میں اپنی پوری قوم سے درخواست کرتا ہوں کہ ایک قدم آگے آکر اس ادارے کے یتیم بچوں کی کفالت میں اپنا حصہ ڈالیں کیونکے ایسے لوگ اور ادارے خوش نصیب قوموں کو ملتے ہیں

 ..حماد صافی

Singing a memorandum of understanding between Ummah Childern Academy’s Chairman Molana Muhammad Idrees & Hammad Safi.

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