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Hammad Safi, 11-year-old kid who has Pakistan enchanted, is a name that rose to become the first super kid of Pakistan by becoming the youngest Motivational Speaker and Article Writer. He has been awarded by renowned national and international figures and has been honoured with the title of “Fakhr-e-Pakistan (The Pride of Pakistan)”. Hammad is the only kid who has officially delivered motivational and Awareness sessions in more than One Hundred well reputed Universities of Pakistan.

Hammad Shares his vision of helping Pakistan become a United, Strong and Educated State. Inspired by Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Hammad quotes his poetries and sayings in his speeches and keeps on reiterating that youth needs to know who Iqbal is and what has he proposed for the youth of Pakistan to act like.

Hammad Safi belongs to Peshawar, provincial capital of Khyber Pakhtoonkhwah Province of Pakistan. He is currently studying at The Super Kids School System that is a project of The University of Spoken English & Computer Sciences situated in Peshawar, Lethrar Road & Capital City Islamabad. He also heads Super Kids Program (Islamabad), that he runs to help other kids polish their abilities and capabilities to become confident enough to cope up with challenges of life. Apart from his academic and professional career, Hammad Safi is an active social worker as well. 

Several Hundred University students sit enraptured as Hammad Safi lectures them on how to make a life that matters. He has become all time favourite and a heartthrob of people around the country. People gather in numbers just to see a glimpse of this Super Kid. He is the new wave of change and is encouraging the students to walk an extra mile and live their dreams. Kids Like Hammad Safi are the examples of Emerging National Heroes. Hammad sees himself as a leader in the future.


Hammad safi is the student head of a department called supper kids program (SKP) at the University of Spoken English & Computer Sciences Peshawar ,where he studies modern languages, Computer expertise , Iqbal the mysterious , patriotism Professional dynamism and communication skills. His unconventional way of study has made him capable of understanding and knowing what other students learn at the age from 22 to 25. His main focus, as he says in most of his lectures, is the empowerment f youth because he thinks that a country, with educated and professional youth, is a place of creativity, ingenuity, progress, innovation and invention. He not only studies academic curriculum but his studies incorporates the analysis of the factors that are deviating our youth from the right direction to a wrong path that leads toward ethical, moral and legal destruction.


Hammad Safi is known to be the youngest professor and the Youngest Journalist. He has so far delivered lectures on various topics in different universities. Most of his lectures are patriotic and focus the love and affection toward the country. His focus is also to educate the youth on how to make good living and a successful life by means of getting the practical knowledge and implementing the learned knowledge and teaching it to others as well. With a vision of making One, Educated and Strong Pakistan, Hammad at the age of 11 has become a heart throb of the people who have listened to him and have started following him on social and electronic media. He has so far appeared on national and international media and has also been nominated for many national and international awards and conferences where he would present his ideas on how to bring educational reforms.

Mission :

  • Youth awareness about the real essence of education in the light of Iqbal’s philosophy.
  • Educating and Empowering orphans and poors to portray a positive image of Pakistan worldwide
  • Helping “Kids” become “Super Kids”


  • One, Strong and Educated Pakistan

Start of the Journey:

Hammad was first invited to The University of Peshawar where he delivered a very mind blowing and thought provoking lecture of almost 1 hour in which he discussed about facing challenges and the importance of challenges in life. The lecture was given a media coverage that was watched by more than 1 million people on social media. It gave Hammad wings to fly. A series of lectures then started and he went from north to the south of Pakistan attending seminars, special lectures, and motivational sessions. 

Fake Heroes:

He sometimes studies “10 to 12 hours in a row”, according to his professors. In his simple room, photos showing him in the company of the Chinese ambassador in Islamabad and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan hang over his bed. Posters of cartoon heroes or sportsmen are absent, toys are few. “Batman and Superman are fake heroes, but those are true,” he says, pointing to the portraits of Allama Iqbal, Bill Gates and Albert Einstein adorning his walls. “Where’s the child in him? He’s gone, because he thinks above his age,” worries Bakht Zaman, a professor at Peshawar University, who attended a lecture later shared widely on YouTube. “This talented child is a good motivational coach” but “he lacks intellectual depth,” he notes. “He can become what they want to do with him, but it will take time.” Hassan Amir Shah, the vice chancellor of a public university in Lahore, where Safi has also lectured, hopes for his part that all the attention “will not drive him crazy”. “He still has a long way to go, many books to read,” he tells AFP. “We will only be able to judge him in 20 years, when he is an adult.”

Hammad’s Meeting with Chinese Ambassador:

Chinese ambassador to Pakistan Mr.Lijan Zhao invited Hammad Safi for a special meeting. Hammad along with his team was received with great honour. Mr. Ambassador himself received Hammad at the entrance. As a gesture of Pleasure, Hammad Safi presented flowers to Mr. Ambassador, which he received with great pleasure. In the meeting, Hammad explained his mission and vision of seeing one, strong and educated Pakistan. He also reiterated on provision of quality education to the kids and youth who cant have access to the basic needs of life. Hammad Said that CPEC can play a very important role in raising the standard of life of people, which will ultimately lead them to provide food, cloth, shelter and education to their children. Mr. Lijan Zhao said that he was glad to know that a kid merely, 11 years old, can have such great vision. He said that he felt Hammad’s Feeling towards his nation and would be glad to help him work for such great cause. Mr. Ambassador said that Pakistan and China are good friends. China would always be on the front to facilitate Pakistan. Hammad Shared his feelings about china that it’s a great country and is a land of talented, skilful and educated people who are not only an asset for china but for the rest of the world also. He said that china has always played its role in making the lives of people easy. At the end of the meeting they both shared good feelings about the meeting and Mr. Ambassador said that it was an honour for him to meet Hammad Safi.

Hammad’s Meeting with Imran Khan:

Hammad Safi, along with his team, visited Bani Gala at the Residence of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan where he was received with great honour. Hammad presented bouquet and shared his views and sentiments related to his work and visits. He also discussed his views about the necessary inclusions in the education system to make it more fertile and learning oriented both academically and behaviourally. He added that education without practical implementation is useless. Hammad Said that he delivers lectures to aware youth about their role in making Pakistan a strong country and an even better place to live. Mr. Imran Khan said that he was surprised to see Hammad Safi and his vision at such a young age. He added that kids like Hammad Safi are the future of Pakistan. He encouraged him to work harder for his vision and said that his prayers would always be with Hammad

Hammad’s Views about Turkish President:

“I am really inspired from Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and his support to Pakistan. The Muslim world needs leaders like him who stand in the front line when it comes to defending our Religion. I believe that Muslim countries may have different territories but still we share the same ideology. What the Turkish Government is doing is really remarkable and appraisable. I will find it an honour for myself; if I could have a chance to meet him and share with you my thoughts and desires that I have for Pakistan and Turkey and our bilateral Relationships.”

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Hammad safi

“With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.”

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