Youngest Professor Hammad Safi Talks about Challenges Faced by Youth of 21st Century

Hammad Safi, Youngest Motivational Speaker, Freelancer, TV Anchor and Lecturer at The University of Spoken English & Computer Sciences, was invited by the UMT Muscular Rehabilitation Society of the Office of Participant Affairs (OPA) to deliver a talk about Challenges Faced by the youth of 21st Century on May 4, 2018. He delivered session on how to assure equal education opportunity for everyone in a peaceful environment and to make latest technology accessible for the students in order to connect them to the modern world.

He belongs to Momand Agency (FATA). He has astonished many people by his vision of seeing an Educated Pakistan. He is a student of class 5 and has been under keen observation of teachers and mentors who have been helping him learn with a better rate. Believing in the concepts and doctrine of Allama Iqbal, this kid, when speaks, gives the audience with goose bumps and leaves them with hallucination.



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