Some parents often express harsh behavior to their children

In response to to all these expected bad conducts some parents often express harsh behaviour to their children I.e. by sending them away to boarding system or opt for physical punishments, it might be sever and repeated beating. However, each of this is not a wise decision to resolve the situation , rather makes the condition from bad to worst. It typically terrifies the child to stay calm but indirectly teaches him to be violent in stress. Thereby, mostly children start committing anti- social activities which on one side spoil the harmony of a society and on the other side become burden for the economic resources of a country for being unproductive, consequently , GNP,GDP is negatively effected.

To avoid all these notorious phenomenons of younger youth the parents upbringing is the best way of reforming and the biggest tool to keep young generation from falling into crimes. The parents should not think the education institutions as the last resorts of reforming , no matter how sophisticated the schooling is , children spend not more than six hours over there. The rest of the hours are spent at home. Thus, parents behaviour is supposed to be more influenced on children’s behaviour.

Importantly, parents should be good role model for their children through means of positive tone and tolerance. If intuitively they establish a positive and calm communication connection between them and their children , probably , they can be best teachers than teachers.The children in turn begin to like and respect their parents more and become more secure in their relationship.


Parents should not express interpersonal confrontations to their kids. Since, the marital conflicts adversely impact children’s behaviour due its effect on emotional regulation. This is turn may lead to conduct problem. Repeated exposure to family fights or voilence increases children’ s emotional dysregulation , resulting in greater antisocial behaviour because the children may learn that aggression is a normal part of family relationship and an effective way of controlling others so they imitate the same aggressive behaviour modelled by their parents. According to the ‘ schema theory’ people accomodate different schemata from life experiences and interpret and react accordingly when come across the parallel situations

Parents should make addict their children of cleanliness. Cleanliness is the sign of harmony and peace so the more they are keen about to keep their body , place and objects clean the more they will be mentally at sooth, naturally.


Usually parents make their children spoon feeder without to tell them how to eat with spoon, to show their level of love and care that is why when they step into the practical life they expect the same comfort zone and are not able to struggle for livelihood. The parents should advise their children to assemble all their essential things in a proper way by themselves and should encourage them to do all their small works by themselves. It inculcates the sense of responsibility in children and as well as brings creativity in their minds beacause in this way they think for the smart ideas and obviously for the productive ones that avoid their minds not to have any evil thoughts. Moreover children must be educate with proper manners i.e. how to eat how to sleep, how to walk and how to talk in different contexts. It is a famous saying if you want to know about someone let him speak, be on the food table with him and have a journey with him. so a man is known by the manners he holds. 

They should be given some small gifts to share with siblings and peers and teach them to respect elders and teachers and always be kind with poor and needy people, with animals and even with small insects so from the childhood their minds pick the notion of humanity, kindness and love that exist in their minds the entire life. In addition, parents must not criticise the unwanted behaviour of their kids repeatedly specifically infront of guest rather they should positively reinforce the wanted behaviour more and make them understand calmly not to do the unwanted behaviour is a natural phenomenon that criticism knocks the egoistic factor in human mind that to be stubborn on the criticised acts to show your strength.


It is concluded with the view that with improved parenting skills and concern the peculiar , indifferent and antisocial conducts of children can be eradicated and a prosperous and better society can be breeded.

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