Super Kids Program

What is Super Kids Program?

Super kids program is a full time boarding school program that focuses on the academic and behavioural improvements of students. Unlike the conventional school systems, this program provides kids with better understanding of academic and behavioural norms in a practical environment where they are being taught, trained and examined in a constructive ambiance.

Hammad Safi, who has captivated the people around the globe from his phenomenal lectures and seminars, is the head of super kids program who intends to polish the capabilities of these kids and make them eligible to face the challenges of life. Hammad takes motivational Lectures, Conducts life coaching seminars and Confidence boosting workshops to help the kids improve with double speed.

The main objective of the super kids program is to hunt & polish the hidden abilities, capabilities, skills and talents of kids so that they can be helped with understanding and improving their potential. The kids are given training and practice sessions where they are asked to carry out certain activities both theoretically and practically. The lectures aim at inspiring the kids to cultivate a habit of understanding and learning of concepts rather than memorising and writing.  Keeping in view the growing needs of youth in this current competitive era, The Curriculum is specially designed to empower the kids and prepare them to face the challenges of life. The Syllabus is redesigned and updated timely to keep the students connected with day-to-day developments, inventions and innovations of the world.

The Curriculum​

Communication Skill

Language Expertise in all Modules of English & Urdu .

Presentation Skills

Whiteboard, Multimedia, Extempore

Information Technology

Use of Computer & Internet

Fight with fear

Camera Fear, Stage Fear, Public speaking hesitation, Workshops and Seminars

General Studies

Iqbaliyat, Islamiyat, Pakistan Studies

Behavioural Training

Social ethics, Meeting Ethics, Table Ethics, Communication Ethics, Gathering Ethics, Dressing Ethics

Extra-Curricular Activities



Site seeing

Treasure hunting

Cycling & Sports

Study tours


  • Can read and write English and Urdu
  • Kids between 6 years to 12

Entry Test:

Students have to undergo an assessment test where their receptive and descriptive powers are checked. The test is conducted in three segments

  •  Written Test                           General Ability Aptitude Test
  •  Interview                                To check the level of understanding and confidence
  •  Psychological Test               To check the personality type

Admission Fee with Boarding Facilities

  •             1st Semester                                      Rs. 200,000
  •             2nd Semester (Promotion)                Rs. 100,000

Monthly Fee in case of Boarding:                                                          

  • Payable by 5th of each Month                       Rs. 100,000.

Admission Fee without Boarding (4 Hours a day, Morning/Evening Sessions)

Rs. 100,000    Monthly Fee:   Rs. 50,000

Peshawar Campus

Admission Fee Rs. 50,000/- , Monthly Fee Rs. 10,000/-


Monthly Assessment Criteria:

  • Students are required to appear in monthly tests, which are specifically designed to assess their performance. The tests is designed as follows
    • Aptitude test: It is an objective type test. This general assessment paper contains 100 questions from the monthly curriculum.
    • Verbal Test: In order to examine the verbal abilities of students, an interview session is conducted for which external staff is recruited. The students are judged and evaluated on the basis of Communication and Presentation standards.
    • Psychological Test: This test aims at evaluating improvements in the behaviour, attitude and personality of the students.

Grading Criteria


Target Score

Minimum Score

Aptitude Test






Psychological Test






Students are required to appear in semester examination held at the end of each semester. The examination is conducted on a comprehensive pattern that aims at the total evaluation of students on Behavioural and Academic Grounds. Date Sheet and Examination pattern is issued one month before the exams.  Aggregate of all monthly tests is added with the aggregate of semester examination. Students are required to score a minimum of 70% to be eligible for promotion.

  • The Students are not allowed to take leave during the month.
  • After the monthly test, students may spend weekend at home.
  • It is compulsory for the parents to pick and drop their kids. Students’ monthly performance will also be discussed during their visit.

During their stay at super kids campus Islamabad, the kids are provided with a healthy and hygienic food which is prepared under the supervision of expert chefs who have vast experience of cooking continental and intercontinental dishes. The students are served three major meals a day. Apart from the meals, the students are also served with snacks during extra-curricular activities.

A team of doctors and physicians give regular check-ups to these kids to make sure that the kids are healthy. Regular exercises are scheduled under the supervision of fitness experts who keep the kids fit.

What we improve in Training Program

1. Confidence Building
2. Art of Dressing
3. Developing Self Esteem
4. Art of Sitting, Standing & Walking
5. Dealing with peer pressure
6. Understanding Body Language
7. Table Manners
8. Dining Manners
9. Sharing & Offerings
10. Team Building

11. Art of making and retaining friends
12. Self-management
13. Time Management
14. Public Speaking Level 1
15. Presentation Skills
16. Group Discussion
17. How to be a leader?
18. Anger management
19. Improving English speaking and pronunciation skills
20. Attitude Management

21. Overcoming Nervousness
22. Understanding realistic and unrealistic goals
23. Overcoming Exam anxiety
24. Dealing with stress
25. Dealing with panic situations
26. Dealing with lies
27. Tact and Diplomacy
28. Art of Small Talk
29. Perfect Hairstyle to suit your face
30. Developing a Style

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