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My Social Responsibilities

A life that focuses on improving other lives is a life worth living. Pakistan

is a country where people work hard and face hard challenges just to keep

food on the table and make needs meet. Poverty is a problem plaguing the

foundations of our nations. Education for such class is merely a dream or a

wild goose chase. More than 40 million people that makes almost 24% of

our population live below the national graph of poverty for whom living

even an average life is difficult.

Hammad Safi has been working on providing learning opportunities to

these poor children who do not or can not have access to quality

education. With the slogan of “Educating and Empowering Poor” Hammad

dreams of making “One Strong and Educated Pakistan”. A country where

people may be poor but their knowledge, wisdom and depth of thoughts

compete against that of world.

Hammad visited Ummah Children Academy, an orphanage that has been

working on to provide all the basic needs to the deserving orphans from

around Pakistan. These basic needs include Education, Hostel, Food,

Health and financial assistance. Children are also provided with religious

education and career counselling facilities. Graduates of this orphanage

are now studying in recognized and renowned universities of Pakistan.

Impressed from their ideas and management, Hammad raises his voice in

the favor of this academy and urges people to support their cause.

Hammad Safi Fund helps poor children who are deprived of their

basic needs and rights. Its mission and vision is to make Pakistan a country

where every kid is educated and has a vision for his life.

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